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8. Potential value of research theme

          8-A. Scientific and Technological Values

          · Novel scientific method: The coherent multidimensional spectroscopic methods that have been and will be theoretically proposed by the CMDS can serve as new analytical tools. In analogy with 2D-NMR that was developed from the 1D-NMR technique, the coherent multidimensional spectroscopy, unlike the 1D vibrational spectroscopies, will be used not only for analyzing minute amount of biological material but also for determining 3D molecular structure and dynamics. Novel scientific tool will bring revolutionary scientific and technological breakthroughs in understanding chemical and biological phenomena.

          · Molecular-level description of biological processes: Enzyme catalysis,  protein folding, and ligand-protein binding process are key research subjects that have attracted chemists and biologists. One can claim that one of these phenomena is completely understood only when it is described in terms of molecular and electronic structural changes as a function of time. The time-resolved coherent multidimensional spectra revealing snap-shot structures of molecular species will provide the most direct information on the real-time picture of all these bio-scientific processes.

          · Post-HG (Humane Genome) Project: Coherent multidimensional spectroscopy will be the central tool that is capable of characterizing equilibrium 3D protein structure as well as studying protein folding mechanism. This is the central theme of proteomics, which is one of the post-HG projects.  


          8-B. Socio-Economic Value

          Ultimately, the proposed research project will answer a number of critical questions on chemical processes of living. Thus, the research outcome will initiate new industrial development of medical and analytical instruments. Applying these methods to study environmental pollution problems, one will be able to provide a better solution for those environmental issues.